Privately owned cabins & Vacation Rentals on the creek with hot tubs on the road to Paradise, in Ashford. We also offer simplistic Fireplace Rooms which are Similar to a Motel (outside separate entrance, convenient parking)Amenities of a Hotel (Hot tub, complimentary WI – FI, Telephone, TV)Charm of a Bed & Breakfast ( Fireplace, Comfy Linens, shower for two, Complimentary Snacks.

Mt Rainier, so peaceful and unpretentious. Come home to the way life used to be. Hustle (to the cabin) & Bustle (to the Hot tub) – just Starry Nights, Drifting Snowflakes, Dancing Rain Drops, Forests of Green and an over abundance of waterfalls flowing from The Mountain create the perfect place to celebrate Love, Laughter and Life’s Renewal.

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  • Rainier Retreat

    Cozy Romantic Cabin Bed_10_jr_thumb
  • Rainier Retreat

    So inviting! Warm_lights_bed_jr_thumb
  • Dogwood Flower

    The forest covered trails usually have the pretty white native flowers. Dog_wood_flower_12_thumb
  • Tamanos

    Master Bedroom - King King_master_11_jr_thumb
  • Tamanos

    Relax under the stars! Hammock_hot_tub_jr_thumb
  • Tahoma Vista Chalet

    Living Room with Leather furniture. Livingroom_jr_thumb
  • Trillium

    Waterfall with evening lighting Waterfall_green_10_jr_thumb
  • Trillium

    86 gallon soaking tub for two T3_s2_masterbath_jr_thumb
  • Fishing on Alder Lake

    The lake has amazing early mist and awesome sunsets. Alder_lake_fishing_3_thumb
  • Big Creek Cabin

    Enjoy the creek! Deck_chairs_jr_thumb
  • Big Creek Cabin

    Warm Crackling Fire Big_creek_people_jr_thumb
  • Jasmer's Rainier Cabins & Fireplace Rooms Main Office

    Our location is right in the center of town on 3 acres next door to Whittaker Mountaineering. Jasmer_s_11_thumb
  • Avalanche Lillies

    The first flowers to arrive in the meadows. Avalanche_lilly_s_thumb
  • Wildbird Fireplace Room

    Ashford receives about 6 - 8 snows a winter 2 - 12 inches at a time. Wild_bird_winter_3_thumb
  • Cascade Fox

    Late melt brings out hungry critters. Fox_paradise_12_thumb
  • Barn Flats

    Early Spring snow pack affords the opportunity to take pictures from any where in the meadow. Barn_flats_10_thumb
  • The usually size trees in the park.

    Fabulous canopy on the Carter Falls trail. Big_tree_thumb
  • Classic Green

    Most trails are covered with the great North wet moss. Classic_geen_forest_thumb
  • Narada Falls

    Spring brings on the true meaning of the Cascades. Water is falling around every corner as you make your way up the mountain. Narada_falls_11_thumb